Critical Linking: February 25th, 2013

What really happened with Gwyneth Paltrow and the movie rights to “The Secret History?” Paltrow and her brother were supposedly developing the project for years, and then the rights reverted back to Tartt. That was 10 years ago. She hasn’t sold them since, or not that anyone knows of. What did Paltrow do to turn Tartt off the movie business and did it have to do with colonics or macrobiotic foods?



23% of America is illiterate.

If being able to read this infographic in less than six hours means your illiterate, then well, here’s XXX, signing off.


Furthermore, we accepted that you maximized your margins with accounting tricks, by having small suppliers submit invoices, which must then be sent to another EU country, so you can contractually get extreme discounts. We accepted that new publications surface on your own “Marketplace” as remaindered books. And that you exclude damaged books bought on consignment that you have not treated well, removing them from subsequent sale.

Some Germans are piiiiiiiiiiissed at Amazon.


The Submissive, published as an e-book this month and in print in June, actually pre-dates Fifty Shades… by a couple of years, first appearing on in 2009. But even the question of who is aping whom feels pretty irrelevant as we witness publishers abandoning all attempts to nurture original talent, and instead simply trawling the internet for the latest derivation of an already derivative work.

Who copies the copiers?

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