Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, February 18 – 23, 2013

Here are the most read stores from the last week in Critical Linking…


But an American-Statesman/KVUE News joint review shows that $1.1 million in taxpayer-purchased inventory has been checked out over the past five years but hasn’t been returned.

At some point, not returning stuff to the library is stealing, right?


A few things I’ve noted about independent bookstores and their websites:

1. Some are amazingly indie – their websites have edgy themes and cool headers, and they have tons of information on their site for first-time browsers, giving those who are not familiar with their store a real feel for what they’re all about.

2. Others are sadly information-less and seem to be no more than mere web-address placeholders.

I wonder if all the effort put into Bookish might have been better spent by publishing in helping independent bookstores create good websites. Or maybe that should be their next project.


After being offered her dream job as an editorial assistant at a high-powered, nationally syndicated magazine last week, area film character Eleanor “Eddie” Edison moved into a beautiful brownstone home in the heart of Brooklyn, sources confirmed.

The dream of 1990s Brooklyn is alive on film.


I’d amend that only to say that even a small amount of revenue from an affiliate or other arrangement requires disclosure. It’s never wrong to be clear with your followers and readers.

There we go.


“The whole idea is that of the barter. All I’ve got to offer is my work, and the reading of it. Will that be enough for people to say I can stay at their home, or that they’ll give me some sandwiches? I’m looking for anyone who can tolerate me . . .”

Give him more than a sandwich, and treat him as a honored guest.

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