The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 16-22, 2013

The most popular posts from the week that was…

“I’m not attacking libraries, I’m attacking the concept behind libraries, which is no longer relevant,”

url_zps1c6ddd22 2

from When Authors Attack Libraries: A GIF Response by Amanda Nelson


Then the conversation shifts and the person feels this need to apologize for their reading taste. “Oh,” he or she will say. “You know, these Tom Clancy books. They’re silly but… Haha. Sorry!”

from Stop Apologizing for What You Like to Read by dr B


Newspaper Heels: Show off your love for the written word with these kick-ass pumps.


from Book Fetish: Volume LXVI by Brenna


Floating Stacks

You’ve probably seen these; they are by far the most common sort of invisible bookshelf (and an easy DIY project)


from 5 Tricky Invisible Bookshelves by Jeff O’Neal


A couple of years ago I was having drinks with some fellow fantasy readers, and we got into an argument (as you do) over which series was less offensive to feminist sensibilities: A Song of Ice and Fire, or the Wheel of Time. They voted for ASoIaF, based mostly on bad-ass-ness of Daenerys and Arya, but I felt very sure even then, having only read a few chapters of Game of Thrones at that point, that Wheel of Time was the definite winner.

from Feminism in Epic Fantasy:  Robert Jordan vs. George R.R. Martin by Jenn Northington

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