Critical Linking: February 20th, 2013

A few things I’ve noted about independent bookstores and their websites:

1. Some are amazingly indie – their websites have edgy themes and cool headers, and they have tons of information on their site for first-time browsers, giving those who are not familiar with their store a real feel for what they’re all about.

2. Others are sadly information-less and seem to be no more than mere web-address placeholders.

I wonder if all the effort put into Bookish might have been better spent by publishing in helping independent bookstores create good websites. Or maybe that should be their next project.


59% of publishers nonetheless revealed their willingness to allow part of their content to be used in testing technology since they considered this one of the best ways of contributing to the development of a startup.

So 41% of publishers aren’t interested in partnering with new companies trying new things. Good luck with that.


Would I write if I didn’t get paid to do so? Probably, but I wouldn’t have as much time to do so, because I’d be forced to spend eight or more hours a day doing something other than writing, something that would almost certainly be less satisfying.

I wonder about this all the time–what would books and reading be like if no one got paid? How would what writers write be different?


We never should have accepted gifts in the first place. We shouldn’t have bragged about the free trips, and cool events and recognition from our industry heroes. We’ve painted a picture portraying the circumstances of blogging that is inaccurate.

Fashion blogging seems to have been undermined by giving writers trips and products. An interesting case-study in 21st century journalism.

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