Critical Linking: February 13th, 2013

Award Annals does not appraise works; we merely assign a score to each type of honor that a work has received and add them all up. The score is assigned in an annal. The terms used to identify each possible place are set to match those used by the award organization, but default terms exist and are shown in the table below. Most awards have only a winner (1st) and finalists or a shortlist (3rd). Some have a special citation (2nd).

I thought I was a book award nerd. Friends, I am outclassed.


And so, on this February morning, surrounded by beautiful handmade valentines and Chaucer’s lovebirds, I sit at my husband’s old wooden desk that functions as our check-out table. The edge is smooth like a spoon from years of forearms rubbing against it, as mine are now. The heater snaps and pings. Water swooshes through pipes in the wall—someone must be getting a shampoo at the salon upstairs. There’s snow coming and only a few people are out in the cold. For most of the day, it’s just me and my books. The shelves of my dreams.

Try not to want Kelly McMasters’ new life. Just try.


Tom Wolfe’s lastest, “Back to Blood,” which went with him five years ago when he left FSG, for the cost of around $7 million, has sold 62,000 copies to date. (That’s according to Nielsen BookScan, which does not record sales at WalMart, Sam’s Club or BJ’s. Not sure how well Tom Wolfe performs at WalMart anyway though!) That’s at least a hundred bucks in advance per copy sold. These things happen.



Bright orange boxes filled with up to 100 books have popped up outside flooded branches that remain closed in Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, and Red Hook — and users of the free literature exchanges don’t have to worry about late fees or that pesky Dewey Decimal System!

I bet you can get some copies of Back to Blood for them pretty damn reasonably.

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