Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, February 4-9, 2013

Here are the most read stories from the last week in Critical Linking…


Christie happened to be a close friend of Dilly Knox, one of the leading codebreakers at Bletchley Park. MI5 was concerned that the major’s inside knowledge of the progress of the war was based on what the codebreakers knew about Hitler’s plans. Had Christie mischievously named the character Bletchley because Knox told her what was going on there?

She’s just the coolest, right?


“I think we’re in a golden age for books — reading, writing and publishing.”

I think he’s got “reading” and “books” switched there.


While the iBookstore has always accepted self-published works, the new iBookstore category gives publishers and authors a new platform for marketing and promoting their books and highlights both the growing sales of self-published titles and the increasing significance of the category.

Someone needs to compete with Amazon as a serious alternative for self-publishing distribution. Apple is game, apparently.


A Times source says NYT Junior would be targeted not at very young readers but at college students and twenty-somethings. The idea would be to offer them a limited-content version at a price point calibrated to a just-starting-out-in-life budget.

Might I suggest “Intern Edition” as the name?


Reading and studying books that expose us, imaginatively and safely, to that trouble steels our souls to pull us through our own hard times and leads us to a greater empathy for the plight of our fellow human beings.

The Lake Braddock English Department got it right. Here’s hoping that the parents listen.

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