The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 3-8, 2013

The most popular posts from the week that was…

I finished Beautiful Ruins on a bus ride from Philadelphia to New York, sitting next to a girl I didn’t know. And you know what? It was gorgeous and I loved it and when I started crying there was a slight moment of panic, but then I thought “No! This is what it’s all about. Let it go. Who cares what this girl – oh, she’s asleep.” So I quietly sobbed and the one time she woke up, we had an unspoken agreement to not react to one another at all. It was glorious.

from What to Do When Books Make You Cry on Public Transportation by Preeti Chhibber


“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Commonly attributed to: Mark Twain

Actual Quotation: The quotation in this case is accurate, but Twain himself borrowed (and credited) the line to Benjamin Disraeli.

from Top 8 Literary Misquotes by Jeff O’Neal


2. Try to pick books that are under 400 pages. Somewhere around 300 pages seems to work best, long enough to be meaningful, short enough that people can finish. Honestly, most book clubs are more social than literary, but that’s part of the fun! The book is just a great excuse to get together. So, save your Tolstoy for your own reading challenge and choose books that have quick, engaging plots. It will always be more fun to get together with a group that has actually read the book rather than two people who have and five people who didn’t get past chapter three.

from Top 5 Tips for a Successful Book Club by Wallace Yovetich


As you may have already seen, we have made a few changes to how adults only (18+) groups work. As we have members who are age 13 to 17 on Goodreads, it’s important that we clarify how adults only (18+) groups should be operated on our site. We have therefore updated our guidelines for people creating and moderating groups on our site and you can view these here.

the simpsons gif

from No More Hanky-Panky at Goodreads by Amanda Nelson

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