Critical Linking for February 6th, 2013


“I think we’re in a golden age for books — reading, writing and publishing.”

I think he’s got “reading” and “books” switched there.


Without diving too deeply into it, I think there are different kinds of readers out there who use and don’t use social media in different ways — when there’s a match between the author’s efforts and the potential readers they are reaching, that can be magic. But when there isn’t, a lot of energy can go to waste.

Translation: we really don’t have any idea how exactly social media and book sales connect.


They then distributed the passages amongst 159 female university students, who after reading them were then asked to rate how they felt about various body parts and sexual attractiveness. The study found that when the narrative was about a slim heroine, participants felt “significantly” less sexually attractive, and that when it featured a protagonist with low body esteem, readers were “significantly more concerned about their weight” than participants in the control condition.

Man, body image issues are so amazingly complicated.

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