Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, January 27 – February 1, 2013

Here are the most read stories from the last week in Critical Linking…


This means that publishers, not brands, need to police the branded content. One improperly labeled piece of sponsored content, or poor piece of branded content on the network, can destroy a publisher’s reputation.

Branded content. Get used to this phrase.


But as print journalism has become a decreasingly reliable real-world profession, a new brand of chick lit has emerged. It is set against a somewhat less glamorous backdrop: the blogosphere

Might be biased, but is blogging really less glamorous than print journalism now?


Created to connect, inform and motivate, BookGirl.TV is a new reading and writing resource for women.

Are we going to get all pissed off about this like we did about GQ’s “Fiction for Men” series? No? Secondary note: why not This sounds like the name of a site for teens, and it seems to be aiming for older female-kind.


I am one of the most popular horror writers of my generation. I say that not brag or sound arrogant, but to set the stage for what I am about to tell you. I am one of the most popular horror writers of my generation—

—and on average, I make between $30,000 and $40,000 per year. Sometimes it’s a little bit more. Sometimes, it’s less. That’s an average.

This might be the scariest thing this horror writer will ever write.


“I would not be faithful to the original intent of the novel if my translation made it easy to comprehend.”

It’s true. Finnegan’s Wake is famous for being hard to understand, but this sounds like someone is trying to explain away a sloppy translation.




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