Critical Linking: January 31st, 2013

“Our books will in all likelihood outlast us, so it’s many collectors’philosophy that they are paying not for the book itself, but the privilege of preserving it for the next generation.”

Hmmm. Sounds like rationalizing a hobby to me. If the goal is to preserve books, wouldn’t donating them to archives make more sense?


Created to connect, inform and motivate, BookGirl.TV is a new reading and writing resource for women.

Are we going to get all pissed off about this like we did about GQ’s “Fiction for Men” series? No? Secondary note: why not This sounds like the name of a site for teens, and it seems to be aiming for older female-kind.


“The literary venues are drying up, ” says Levin, “which is a problem when you consider how important they are to our cultural identity. I suppose that blogs will take over now, but they tend to appeal to people who are already in line with the blogger’s viewpoint.”

Bitter laid-off literary editor is bitter.



And then you click the link and you can’t tell anything has changed. At all. Moral victory, though I guess.

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