Critical Linking for January 30th, 2013

But as print journalism has become a decreasingly reliable real-world profession, a new brand of chick lit has emerged. It is set against a somewhat less glamorous backdrop: the blogosphere

Might be biased, but is blogging really less glamorous than print journalism now?


Ebook sales at Amazon have grown by 70 percent year over year, says Bezos, making it a multibillion-dollar category for the company.

So…..I guess ebook sales are still growing. A lot.


The article got me thinking about the other theories and alternate interpretations that are floating around about classic literary characters. Below, an investigation, and perhaps a few sides of characters you’ve never seen before.

Great. Conspiracy theories in literature. Except here’s the thing: how can there be conspiracies about stuff that isn’t, you know, real?


By the time the reading of “The Making of Americans” was finished on Sunday night, more than 100 writers, artists, bloggers, filmmakers and musicians had taken part in more than 50 consecutive hours of reading.

These do seem to be on the rise, but I can’t for the life me get interested in them. Though, if someone wants to put together a marathon reading of the Ramona Quimby books, I am so there.

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