Critical Linking: January 29th, 2013


Instead of ignoring reader comments, Goodman logged into Reddit and answered every single comment with a personal message–creating a massive 61-comment thread for the sponsored post.

If you can stand to respond to every Reddit comment, you deserve that 43 bucks you earned in Amazon sales of your 99-cent ebook.


The best argument for verse memorization may be that it provides us with knowledge of a qualitatively and physiologically different variety: you take the poem inside you, into your brain chemistry if not your blood, and you know it at a deeper, bodily level than if you simply read it off a screen. Robson puts the point succinctly: “If we do not learn by heart, the heart does not feel the rhythms of poetry as echoes or variations of its own insistent beat.”

I’ve memorized quite a bit of poetry at different times in my life, and I honestly don’t think it makes a difference. Now, reading a poem multiple times with a pen in hand….that makes a difference.


According to a report on the study, “Why Are Recent College Graduates Underemployed? University Enrollments and Labor Market Realities,” out of 41.7 million working college graduates in 2010, 48 percent—more than 20 million people—held jobs that required less than a bachelor’s degree. Thirty-seven percent held jobs that required no more than a high-school diploma.

And you know who didn’t get those jobs? People without college degrees. Better to be overqualified for the job you have than to not have one at all.


This means that publishers, not brands, need to police the branded content. One improperly labeled piece of sponsored content, or poor piece of branded content on the network, can destroy a publisher’s reputation.

Branded content. Get used to this phrase.

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