Critical Linking for January 22, 2013


I see this position as not only being about writing my own poem for the nation, but also keeping a certain sense of continuity, and so their poems were some of the first places I went to—looking at how they quote/unquote solved the occasional poem.

Great interview with inaugural poet, Richard Blanco.


You seem to think that nothing fun can have value; that only grimdark portentousness and dystopia mean anything. You wallow in human suffering and despair, and frankly—it makes me tired.

Does speculative fiction need to lighten up?


No one thinks of Richard Ford as a manly-male writer, but I don’t think a woman would write what Richard Ford writes. I just don’t think it would happen.

The more I think about this statement, the stranger it gets. Could I write what Richard Ford writes because I am a man? There is a missing logical piece here.

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