Critical Linking: January 21, 2013


The American Booksellers Association just announced they are aware of a total of 42 new indie bookstores that opened in 2012 in the U.S. Figures on indie book closures were not available…

This kind of press release is like your doctor calling you to say “You’re not going to die tomorrow!” At first it seems like good news, and then you get to thinking….


Of course, for Inkling to draw any users away from Amazon, it has to make sure its content is rising to the top of Google search results. MacInnis said that will happen because Inkling’s content is high-quality and ad-free, delivering “higher search happiness” that users will reward with clicks. But “we have to do a lot of work over time to establish domain relevance for,” he said, “and establish rank for key titles and key components of titles that we think will drive sales.”

Gah…you know things are bad when Google seems like a friendly, stable, and predictable company to build your company around.


All non-fiction Lance Armstrong titles will soon be moved to fiction…

Gives a bad name to fiction, if you ask me.


You look at the Pando Daily and its trends for 2013, and online subscription is one of them, so I think you’ll see more of that. And another trend they pointed out was serialization, which, again, the internet facilitates, and is something that dropped out of print culture but was not caused by the internet—print culture did that to itself.

That she looks at Pando Daily and knows about the 2013 trends are just two of many reasons that Margaret Atwood is a Book Riot favorite.


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