Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, January 15-19, 2013

Here are the most read stories from the last week in Critical Linking….


The number of kids reading ebooks has nearly doubled since 2010.

Hard to spin that.


I come to you this evening to tell you why Dan Brown is right and everyone else is wrong, and why Robert Langdon is the hero we need.

With all the carping about a new Dan Brown novel, good to revisit this piece about Brown’s protagonist’s virtues.


The Bestselling Books of 2012

Holy crap. By my math, The 50 Shades Trilogy sold more copies than the other top 30 best-selling titles COMBINED: 10.58 million compared to 10.46 million. (This is UK sales data).


WHEN it comes to erotica and pornography, whether hard, soft, sadomasochistic or merely steamy, the French believe they have done it first, done it better and done it all. So the French version of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy should have flopped.

You would think the French know all there is to know about submission.


It’s also possible that the bookstore will go out of business in the middle of your reading.

Of course, this is worst-case scenario.  Generally, they hold off on locking the doors until you’re done.

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