Critical Linking: January 18th, 2013


The real reason that I use Twitter is because I am also a reader, and as such, Twitter allows me to connect with other readers in order to learn about books that might appeal to me.

Best of all, it allows me to communicate with the authors of some of my favorite books.

I’d switch the relative importance of those two reasons, but yea. Twitter is great for readers. Significantly better than Facebook.


The four-part miniseries, tentatively titled Fleming, will trace the author’s time as a London playboy-cum-agent on Her Majesty’s secret service, a period during which he ran counterintelligence missions against Nazi Germany, bedded women indiscriminately, imbibed frequently, and behaved in other ways that can be turned into nods toward the Bond franchise.

It’s weird that you couldn’t use the character James Bond for copyright reasons but you can go ahead and use historical figures. This probably will be terrible.


WHEN it comes to erotica and pornography, whether hard, soft, sadomasochistic or merely steamy, the French believe they have done it first, done it better and done it all. So the French version of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy should have flopped.

You would think the French know all there is to know about submission.


The brutal truth is we just find ourselves in this life and, worse, we find it full of sorrow and hardship.

Mercy, that’s bleak. Luckily the author finds refuge in….scientific bookstores?

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