Critical Linking: January 12, 2013

The research is clear: kids love comics. Once teachers get past the negative stereotype of comics being childish, trashy, are only for boys, then they are free to engage kids in whatever way works to turn them into lovers of reading.

Just so long as it’s comics in addition to books, and not instead of them.


Some dead writers simply shouldn’t tweet. J. D. Salinger was too reclusive; Hemingway would have seen it as needy; Faulkner would have balked at the character limit. 

In her exploration of Twitter, she somehow missed the parody accounts.


Heyer had a strong dislike for what she considered vulgar pretension. Unlike most modern writers, she thought it ill-mannered for authors to talk at length about their books – especially if they were successful.

She is not the only person to feel this way. However, doing only one interview during her very long writing career may have been taking things just a bit too far.


The dedicated e-reader is the obvious device of choice for those who treat reading as their essential pastime.

Basically, you can’t be a “serious” reader and read on an iPad.



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