Would You Organize Your Books By Color?

Like most hobbies, a lot of the fun of being a reader comes in the peripheral stuff: buying books, making lists, talking to other enthusiasts, and organizing your stash. There are innumerable posts out there in the ether about organizing your bookshelves, and since I’m easily swayed, I’ve tried almost all of them. This includes arranging them by color, as dictated by ROYGBIV. And how could you not be tempted? Just look at these:




Color Organized Bookshelves.: lovely

I ran into a few problems trying to organize my shelves this way, so it only lasted three days. If you are an avid reader of well-loved paperback classics, a ridiculous amount of your books will have a white spine (Bantam or Oxford) or a black spine (Penguin), which makes for boring organizing and eventually boring viewing.

The process of shelving books like this wasn’t easy, either. Managing the transitions from color to color was a (pardon me letting my residual frustration fly here) giant pain in the ass, and if you have one volume with the incorrect color value it can throw the whole thing off. Especially if you’ve got a healthy dose of perfectionism in your brain demanding that the thing LOOK LIKE THE PICTURES, DAMMIT. Finally, unless you have a relatively small book collection or an amazing photographic memory, finding stuff becomes irritating.

But these difficulties are obviously specific to my book collection and my personality foibles: too many monochromatic books, too much perfectionism, too many books, period (if such a thing is possible). Someone with a more modern collection and a more flexible brain might love this.

So have any of you tried this (and if so, how did you FIND anything for the love of holy hot pants)? Would you ever organize your books this way?

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