Best of Book Riot: 10 Excellent Reading Nooks

To celebrate the end of the year, we’re running some of our favorite posts from the last six months. We’ll be back with all-new stuff on January 7th. 


We recently listed a few great secret bookcase passageways, but bookish architecture isn’t limited to its Nancy-Drew-Mystery-House impression. There’s also the subject of a truly comfie-cozy reading nook. Here are 10 lush or unique or just plain nifty nooks from around the interwebs:

nook 1
Beds-as-nooks are really the best nooks, and the cool design of the window provides natural light without glare on the pages. (from Home-Designing)

nook 2
If a chair is big enough to completely engulf you, it counts as a nook. (from Delightful Children’s Books)

nook 3
Any nook that looks like it’s been carved into the side of a mountain is aces in my book…nook. (from Penelope’s Oasis)

nook 4
The squishiest of outdoor nooks. (from Mi Casa Es Su Casa)

nook 5
This nook is designed by German architect Thomas Kroger. I love how masculine and clean it is. (from Desire to Inspire)

nook 6
Wut. (from Dwell)

nook 7
Can’t go wrong with that many pillows. (from Swallowed in the Sea)

nook 8
I like that this one gives you the chance to actually hide from people. (from Box of Rain)

nook 9
For your chic little cottage. (from Southern Living)

nook 10
The nookiest nook that ever did nook. (from Desire to Inspire, photo by R. Brad Knipstein)

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