Critical Linking for December 21st, 2012

Bartley now models Amazon selling just 6 million units this quarter of the Fire, down from 8 million previously, and 10.5 million for all of 2013, down from 12.5 million previously.

This is just an analyst’s guess, but it does align with my own personal observations: I am seeing relatively fewer Kindles and relatively more iPad/iPad minis and Nooks. To my mind, a little balance in the ereader/tablet sector is good for readers, for a variety of reasons.


Over time the dream of online advertising will fade for content companies, replaced by paid content and content that directly supports transactions (called “advertorials” in the Print Era, but now called “native advertising”).

We may well be living in the Golden Age of free media, one that will one day seem like an impossible dream. Or, The New York Times and the like has to cut their enormous costs, and everyone else figures out that lower overhead is possible.


Recently I decided to believe that buying books is as good as reading them. I feel smarter as soon as I sign the credit-card receipt at my local independent book seller.

Now there’s one advantage indies have over Amazon: you get to feel all smug when you shop there.


At this writing 26% of our total sales this year have been digital. It is good to remember that means 74% of Macmillan’s total sales are ink on paper books. Just as in 2011, the percentage of e-book sales has remained consistent week by week through the year for the most part (the big uplift in the last two years has occurred the week after Christmas). Our e-book business has been softer of late, particularly for the last few weeks, even as the number of reading devices continues to grow.

I wonder what percentage of profits comes from each side.


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