Critical Linking for December 20th, 2012


“Well, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is OVER. I have nothing to look forward to anymore.”

You know, maybe the books we loved as kids were so beloved because the stakes felt so high.


The Ethical Consumer magazine and campaign group has launched a campaign to persuade customers to choose high street alternatives to Amazon for their Christmas shopping, following revelations of the company’s tax avoidance.

I’m guessing the EC staff are wicked fun at parties.


Steve Bercu, an owner of BookPeople in Austin, Tex., said sales were up 10 percent over last year. He said that shoppers were buying coffee-table books but were also snapping up Kobo devices.  “I was a naysayer,” he said, “but they are buying the actual devices, which surprised me.”

Glad to hear that independent bookstores are having a better year, but the surprise at the interest in ereaders is worrisome.


With an online store powered by Random House Digital, the new site will “merchandise the daily book publishing news” with purchase links to books that make headlines.

So Publishers Lunch adds affiliate links. I guess it deserves its terrible name.

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