Critical Linking: December 18th, 2012

I put the Big 6 up first, and it’s clear they take up much of the list space, but there are plenty of mid- to small- publishers represented, too. Here’s an actual breakdown of the Big 6 against every other publisher on the lists:

Just one small nugget from an impressively comprehensive look at YA books that made year-end lists.


Spending your day cranking out the same damn tweet to random people and retweeting a bunch of people because your fake followers service told you to is no way to go through your social media life, son. It stinks of desperate.  It also marks you as the sort of person who doesn’t actually know how to be interesting. Which in itself doesn’t speak well about your ability to entertain someone with your actual writing work.

Listen to this. Heed this.


Munro needs no assistance with character, word choice, or mechanics, but she does look to her editors for advice on structure and clarity. She mails a copy of the story to each of them, and they jot down their thoughts in the margins. Annotated copies are then sent to Munro and the other editors. Munro discusses the changes via phone, often a number of times, then hammers out the final version.

You don’t edit Alice Munro. She allows you to give advice.


Imagine my surprise when I realized the only actual gate that stood between myself and participating was a sum of $50!

The Hugo has to be the most prestigious literary award that has a mechanism for average readers to vote, no?

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