Critical Linking: December 12, 2012


Do you care who published a book? Do you even look to see who the publisher is before you buy a book? I don’t. I just look at the number of stars it has on Amazon and read a few reviews and buy it. Seconds later, I’m reading about John Rain and the yakuza.

It’s weird that we care about editorial brands like The New York Times, but not for publishers. I guess Random House are just too diverse to have any kind of identity.


The Great Expectations project, funded largely through the Heritage Lottery Fund, has also restored neighbouring 49 Doughty Street to include a visitor and learning centre and a cafe, welcoming regular school trips for the first time.

I am against lotteries, but way to appeal to my emotions, United Kingdom.


An incredibly rare first edition of Jane Austen’s novel Emma is tipped to sell for 200,000 pounds after being discovered. The three volume presentation copy is the only one from the original print run of 12 known to exist today.

You can’t get any rarer than the only one.


Top 5 Chosen Books:

  1. Lolita chosen by 8 contributors
  2. Moby Dick (chosen by 7)
  3. Jesus’ Son (chosen by 5 contributors)
  4. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (chosen by 5 contributors)
  5. Ulysses (chosen by 5 contributors)

#3 there is a surprise.


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