Critical Linking: December 1st, 2012

I read a lot less since I had children. Or maybe since I grew up and found myself with a job and other obligations, or maybe since the advent of all the many, many distractions and must-reads available on my desktop, laptop and iPad.

Isn’t it funny how we read more than we ever have, yet we feel like we are not reading the things we should?


But now partisans of twitterature have their own official international powwow, thanks to the five-day Twitter Fiction Festival, which began Wednesday under the hashtag #twitterfiction.

Am I the only one that read “twitterature” the wrong way? There has to be a better word.


The power of fanfiction lies in validating and building on students’ interests. While I believe there is a place for Shakespeare, Homer, Lee, and Hawthorne in students’ education, my experience as a teacher, parent, and teacher educator shows me room and opportunities for the stories, games, comics, and movies that consume students outside of school. Teachers don’t have to teach Harry Potter, Captain America, or World of Warcraft, but they can allow students to build their writing on these stories.

Yes! A thousand times yes! There’s room for everything!


Pi and Hobbes’s imaginary adventures would keep the boy sane for the 227 day journey. Instead of exploring spirituality, Pi and Hobbes would be spacemen, race car drivers, and also explore spirituality (but in a much less obvious way.) 

How would other famous tigers work out in Life of Pi?


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