What’s Your Ultimate Reading Vacation?

The weather is getting colder here in New York, and my mind always turns to traveling to warmer climes this time of year. Life, inexplicably, is busier than ever, and my vacation day-dreaming these days centers on getaways that would make for great reading. Some combination of great scenery, seclusion, comfort, and nearby light activity would be ideal—and I think I just discovered it.

The Poseidon Resort (bonus points for literary reference!) is a designed-but-not-financed project in the waters off the coast of a private island in Fiji. That’s right IN THE WATER.

There are only a couple dozen suites, but boy oh boy. Designed by a submarine company, the resort lies on a coral reef 50 feet below the water. Golf, shopping, and other things I would ignore are just above on the surface, but dear lord….I would spend the whole time curled up in front of the glass. I mean, seriously:



Now, with all wildly excessive architecture projects, there’s a good chance this thing never gets built. (Though even if it did, I doubt I’ll ever have the Nemo-worthy 30k-a-week sticker price for a suite there). But a boy can dream, right?

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