Critical Linking: November 21, 2012


Make no mistake, the answer to this question will frame someone’s opinion of you for all eternity, and if you’re sticking with any of these go-to pretentious classics, I’ve got a pretty solid idea of the lifestyle each selection suggests.

I can think of something else that is pretentious.


The fact is, it is impossible to come up with objective criteria for picking the winners. There are always going to be surprises and omissions.

This degree of reasonability simply cannot be tolerated.


When people (okay, me…I admit I used to do it), marginalize or minimize the power of reading because it’s “only” a romance or it’s “only” manga, we are narrowing the experience of an entire subset of readers based on the genre of book they read.

Open-mindedness is breaking out all over! Get FEMA!


If you want these companies to behave differently, make a law. That’s your job. But, of course, if you make that law too demanding, you’ll have to worry about driving these firms out of the UK, and with them the 8,500 jobs – and VAT and employment taxes – Starbucks generates in a recession, when jobs are desperately needed, and the 2,000 jobs – and entrepreneurial opportunities – Google brings.

Boycotts are foolish. Change the law if you don’t like it.

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