Sites We Like: Least Helpful

If you’ve spent any amount of time at all reading consumer book reviews at Amazon (or Goodreads, or B & N, or Powell’s), you’ve likely seen some doozies. Most helpful reviews might be best for when you’re actually shopping, but when you want to fall into the internet and lose your last shreds of faith in humanity? There’s nothing better than Least Helpful.

It’s exactly what it sounds like–a collection of the least helpful (and often most hilarious) customer reviews from online retailers. Here are some of my favorites from the book reviews.


least helpful cat's cradle



least helpful lord of the flies



least helpful where the red fern grows


least helpful harry potter


least helpful margaret


least helpful she comes first


least helpful runaway bunny


least helpful the road

And a bonus round because 1) there are some amazing reviews of non-book stuff at Least Helpful, and 2) I MEAN REALLY.

least helpful handcuffs







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