Critical Linking: November 17, 2012

I’d thought we were all clear by now: there is no instance in which you can use the word “righteous” about yourself without every reader immediately understanding that the word “self-righteous” would be more apt.

It’s not often that a publisher weighs in on a publisher vs. blogger debate.


Everything that would be in an artistic spoken performance—the words, the ordering of clauses, the pauses, the breath intake, the intonation and melody, the stressing or deemphasizing of sounds, the facial and vocal emotion, the body posture and head and hand gestures—come through together in sign language. It looks amazing not because it shows us what sign language can do, but because it shows us what language does.

After watching Bloomberg’s interpreter in the aftermath of Sandy, more people are starting to understand this to be true.


This really isn’t a store for readers. The traditional purpose of a bookstore is as a place to buy a piece of printed culture. We sell printed artifacts that contain text – not that you can’t read these books – but people don’t come here to buy books to read, they come here to buy books to own.

And they can buy those books from a vending machine. How cool is that?


“People elsewhere think that it’s cold and desolate around these parts, but that cold is good for literacy and reading and culture,” she said. “We live in a very special place, and I’m glad to call it home.”

It does seem that climates with more extreme temperatures tend to inspire the best books.

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