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Book Riot is all about connecting with readers, and we want to make it easy for you to find our top stories each day in a way that makes you happy. We have a bangin’ Facebook page with nearly 30,000 readers who talk to us and each other about the books they love, their readerly quirks, and what they think about the latest literary trends. Each day, we share a selection of the top stories–spaced out every couple hours so we don’t flood your feed–along with fun bookish photos and news stories we think you might find interesting.

If you haven’t “liked” Book Riot on Facebook already, come join the party! And if you’ve been following for a while, you might have noticed you’re seeing fewer of our updates. Facebook has changed the algorithm that determines what shows up in your newsfeed. Add Book Riot to your interests list by clicking the gear symbol on our page–see the pink arrow in the photo below–to get all of our updates and not miss a minute of the fun.

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Facebook not your thing? There’s a bunch of ways to keep up with Book Riot through social media, RSS, and email. Pick your poison:

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