Post-Election Decompression: Cute Bookish Animals!

Election season is over, now let’s bring our attention back to what’s really important. Focus, people. It’s time to get serious… about seriously cute bookish animals. (See what I did there?? Boom!)

We’ll start out with our cats, because (let’s face it) there are just above and beyond the number of pictures of reading cats than any other animal. Is it because cats are more bookish or because The Bookish own more cats? Hmmm. Regardless, squeal away.




Now onto our pups, because they happen to be the second most literary picture hounds (oooh, did it again, didn’t I?). My theory is that dogs are a bit more outdoorsy, so perhaps have a bit less time to read? They are, however, still mighty bookwormish… even if what they are reading shocks them to their (no doubt self-chosen) pearls!




But let’s not forget some of our other furry friends. Bears, monkeys, and mice might not always fit well in the home environment (nor always be welcome there), but they STILL READ people. They’ve asked me to pass along the following message: Make sure you always keep your camera handy so the next time you see an animal from wildlife enjoying a book, they can feel special having their picture taken too. Please and thank you. (I admit, if I saw that mouse posing that way in my house, I would certainly pause for a moment before recoiling and screaming.)




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