Critical Linking: November 4, 2012

“Time is running out faster on the print products than magazine publishers anticipated, and their tablet products, readers and advertisers aren’t yet ready to replace that print,” Mr. Doctor added. 

If you want your periodical to survival, then I would suggest thinking of your digital product as primary, rather than as an add-on. In, this case, the life-boat needs to be bigger than the ship it’s on.


It’s crazy to help someone steal my work, I know, but I couldn’t resist striking up a tenuous partnership with him. I still don’t know who he’s working for—no one has sought the Russian rights to the novel. 

For the record, plagiarism isn’t stealing. Only stealing is stealing.


I quit. Nemesis is my last book.

For some reason, Philip Roth decided to announce that he’s done writing in an Italian magazine.


If the rungs of the income ladder are as far apart as they are in the United States, then it is much harder to climb to the top. The “Great Gatsby” curve in the figure below is evidence of this: countries with higher inequality have less intergenerational mobility.

This seems an odd term for this phenomenon, as The Great Gatsby was precisely about someone who had climbed the ladder.

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