Our Favorite Comments: October 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the last month.

“I think the lack of trolls is due to the high number of hobbits.”

by Hasty on The Riot That Lasted A Year (and counting…)


“It’s nice to see what traditional publishers are publishing.”

by Louise Sorenson on What We Talk About When We Talk About VAGINA


“Just stay home and tell everyone you are dressed as Thomas Pynchon.”

by Brian on 5 DIY Literary Halloween Costumes


 “Maybe the Grouchy New York Times review just needs one of those baby animal pictures.”

by Jessie on 1 Critic vs. 100 Readers


“It seems that the Amazon ranks will favor authors who write books that cater to a more mainstream audience (ex: vampire romance). An author who writes about an arcane topic (no matter how good her book and how loved it is by her readers) will land up ranking lower. In other words, if a few readers love you a lot you will probably rank lower than an author who is loved a little by a lot of readers.”

by Vikram Narayan on Amazon Author Rank: Useful or Useless?


“We do a lot more in the Netherlands than building dykes and smoking pot”

by Nauters on The Underground Library


“I’m glad to have read the words cobbled together by the artist when it’s all said and done. I don’t believe for a second my experience of the second book in Justin Cronin’s series (out tomorrow, pre-ordered for my Nook as another birthday gift) will be diminished in compare to the first based on the fact I had the wrist-bending tome to hold over my face nightly, again giving my wrists more a workout than I need at night as well as a few thunks on my face.”

by Randall Hauk on EBooks Are Real Books. Deal With It.


“Is Oyster buying a large number of licenses for each ebook? Because if not, and people have to start a holds list, there is literally no difference between Oyster and most people’s local library – except of course that the LIBRARY EBOOKS ARE FREE.”


“I haven’t had dreams as whacky as this since the time I was travelling around Europe and kept having recurring dreams about The Golden Girls baking me cakes.”

by Jennifer Dawson on What Books Do You Dream About? 

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