Critical Linking: November 2, 2012


Thousands of new ebooks show up at Amazon and B&N every day, now that the barriers to self-publishing—at least electronically—are pretty much gone. But as a reader, how do you find what’s good? How do you know what’s worth your time and energy, to say nothing of your money?

This is definitely true of self-publishing, but isn’t it true of regular publishing as well? Unless you are steeped in book news, it’s damn hard to know what’s worth your attention and money. Self-publishing differs by degree, but not by kind.


“Amazon has not been a very cooperative fellow bookseller in any fashion,” LaFramboise said. “They pretty much want nothing more than our demise.”

It’s actually worse than wanting your demise, booksellers. Amazon doesn’t even think you’re worth killing. So just stock their books if they’re good, already. You do your customers a disservice otherwise.


For Mr. Jemal whose efforts have been consistent and his purchases incremental over three decades, the sum of his acquisitions is now a stunning number, some 1724 more or less.  He invested time but not a great sum of money, only about $120,000 or $70 an item and purchased the majority of his material a decade or two ago.

Yeah, only 120 grand on Joyce Carol Oates’ stuff.


By the end of the year, the $4.05 billion sale of Lucasfilm to Disney should be finalized. And since George Lucasowns 100 percent of his company – which has little to no debt – all that money goes to him.  After that, Lucas plans to quickly put the bulk of the money into a foundation which will primarily focus on educational issues…

I wondered what would motivate me to stop making Jar Jar Binks jokes. This finally does it.