A Bookshelf That Becomes *GULP* Your Coffin?

I was looking for something ghoulish to post this week, but I think I might have overshot the mark.

I’ve mentioned before how The Netherlands takes amazing care of its books, but I didn’t expect the Dutch reverence for the printed word to be so….eternal.

Ibis, a funeral products company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, has a bookshelf to use in your daily life, that then, well, goes with you when you go.

While you are still breathing and reading, the two halves of the coffin make simple, angular shelves, without the faintest whisp of the funereal.

But when you are ready for your long journey, the shelves come out to make room for your corpus without libris.

The designer of the book-coffin said that he wanted to the shelves to bring death into the normal course of life:

‘Death has to be understood, just like birth, as an important part of life,’ says Rademaker. ‘I made the coffin because it must become easier to discuss death and integrate it with life. Death does not come after life, death belongs to life. You should be able to discuss death in an unforced, natural way, just as you talk to people about expecting a baby, bringing up children, or your relationships.’

I have to admit this one makes me a little nervous. What do you think? Too creepy? Or just creepy enough to be cool?

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