Critical Linking: The Most Read Stories, October 22 – 27, 2012

Book clubs have become a popular way for day and destination spas to bring in potential clients and to give existing ones an excuse to keep coming back. At the Carlyle Hotel, a monthly literary group began meeting this week at the Yves Durif Salon inside its Sense spa and listen to Erica Jong discuss “Sugar in My Bowl,” a sex anthology she edited.

Not a fan of book clubs or spas, but dammit if this doesn’t sound great.


People who need to possess the physical copy of a book, not merely an electronic version, believe that the objects themselves are sacred. Some people may find this attitude baffling, arguing that books are merely objects that take up space. This is true, but so are Prague and your kids and the Sistine Chapel. Think it through, bozos.

I always forget that I can just get a digital version of my kid that replicates the experience of him exactly. I am such a bozo.


83 percent of Americans aged 16-29 read a book in the past year, compared to 78 percent of all Americans over 16.

So more than 1 in 5 Americans over the age of 16 did not read a book last year. Suckers.


At some points throughout, the cast suddenly begins to sing Franzen’s words. Sometimes like a church choir accompanied by the doleful moans of the organ, and at one comical juncture, one of the cast members croons the part of the essay describing the sexual tension Franzen feels exists between him and a real estate agent who “was wearing excellent jeans.”

I guess I just don’t get theater.


Overall advertising revenue declined 8.9 percent but the company did see a bright spot in the form of a 7.4 percent increase in circulation revenues. Digital subscriptions to the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune were up 11 percent since the last quarter to a total of 566,000.

Man, watching the NYT try to catch the knife before it stabs them in the chest is a gripping, quarterly drama.


“The past is not dead. Actually, it’s not even past. You know who said that? Faulkner. And he was right.”

And you know what else? Because I said that, the folks who represent him are going to sue me for violating copyright someday.

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