Get Your Craft On: Halloween Edition

Get Your Craft On features DIY projects and crafts to make with books.

Halloween is approaching fast, and if you’re anything like me, you are leaving the decorations/candy collection/anything that requires effort to the last minute. In this edition of Get Your Craft On, we’ve compiled a few Halloween-ish crafts you can do with old books (think ratty dictionaries, old paperbacks that are falling apart, old phone books), including a Book Fairy costume!

This Book Fairy costume from Lilledale (or, as the creator calls it, the “Diction-Fairy”) is easy to DIY and requires no special skills. It comes together with a scrap of fabric for a waistband, an old hardback, a glue gun, wire hanger, and a big rubber band.


These bookish place cards from The Idea Room are perfect for a Halloween dinner party, and easily translate into every other holiday. To make them, just tape the old book page to the center of a piece of card stock. Use your word processing program to select whatever names and clip art you want on the place cards, then print onto the piece of card stock with the page on it. Easy as pumpkin pie.

This craft from Rook No. 17 uses pages from Poe’s The Raven that the creator printed from a free digital copy (excellent option for those of you who don’t want to actually use bound books). You can change it up and use printed pages of any old scary story from the public domain. Just cut the pages into whatever size you want and use Modge Podge to plaster them onto a papier mache skull (available at any craft store). If you want it to look older, use an antiquing medium on the surface.


These ghostly book pages from Better Homes and Gardens would be a great decoration for mantels or side tables around the house. Just use a razor to cut out a ghost shape, leaving the ghost attached to the page at the bottom. Use a small piece of clear tape to get the ghost to stay upright, and use a hole-punch for the eyes.


This framed BOO art from Tidy Mom is easily customizable. She uses newspaper and prints the letters onto the pieces uses her computer (the same way you print onto the place cards above), but you can substitute book pages. You can also use letter stamps instead of printing with the computer. It doesn’t have to say “BOO,” either- any spooky word or phrase would work.

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