Critical Linking: October 25, 2012

At some points throughout, the cast suddenly begins to sing Franzen’s words. Sometimes like a church choir accompanied by the doleful moans of the organ, and at one comical juncture, one of the cast members croons the part of the essay describing the sexual tension Franzen feels exists between him and a real estate agent who “was wearing excellent jeans.”

I guess I just don’t get theater.


Does this mean that self-published authors are killing the publishing industry? Yes, in a sense it does.  What can be done about this devaluing of the written word? How can self-published authors change this scenario and help make self-publishing, as a whole, shine and earn as respectable of a reputation as traditional publishing?

I think self-publishers might be killing the self-publishing industry. (The publishing industry commented: “We know how to kill ourselves, thank you very much. We don’t need those self-publishers’ help.”)


Paul wanted to know if that was really what Kobo meant to disallow when they wrote the contract. And after he sent several emails and received 2 irrelevant replies, this was wha the was told:

Legally, only the account holder has license to use the material.

Kobo, I know you want to compete with Amazon, but you don’t need to compete with them on having absurd policies.


 These books also taught me about the breadth of these identities and experiences, often long before I had managed to come across them outside of books. They helped me to be both more accepting of myself and of other queer people when I met them, because I felt almost as if I already understood them in some way.

I think we should all chip in for a reading awareness campaign with the tagline “Books: Experience Life Before You’ve Lived It


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