Critical Linking: October 24, 2012

 83 percent of Americans aged 16-29 read a book in the past year, compared to 78 percent of all Americans over 16.

So more than 1 in 5 Americans over the age of 16 did not read a book last year. Suckers.


Due to an enormous, unexpected expense,BOOKS of WONDER finds its future endangered.  If the store is to survive,  we must raise a minimum of $100,000. With your help, we hope to do just that and keep BOOKS of WONDER open and thriving as New York’s premier destination for all those who love children’s books. 

Call me a soul-less pragmatist, but wouldn’t $100k for children’s libraries be a more egalitarian use of funds? I mean, what is the demographic of the kids getting books from a bookstore in the Flatiron district of Manhattan?


 “Their remit is to find the best novel of the year,” says Hornby “they don’t say it’s the best novel of a certain type. I think that kind of value judgement doesn’t stand any scrutiny. I think literary fiction is as much of a genre as anything else. That kind of writing is a genre. You know what type of book is going to qualify for that prize — and that’s fine. The only thing that bugs me is them telling me it’s the best book of the year.”

Hey, apparently value judgments are subjective. Who knew?


In the new issue of DC Comics’ Superman series, out tomorrow, Clark will stand up in front of staff in a “Jerry Maguire-type moment” which will see him resign from the Daily Planet and mourn “how journalism has given way to entertainment”, writer Scott Lobdell told USA Today.

Comics are so unrealistic. The Daily Planet folded years ago.


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