Critical Linking: October 19th, 2012

We hope never to have to change our policy of free events or to start policing where books signed by authors at our events were purchased.

Maybe you should.


Embellished prose is treated with suspicion, if not dismissed outright as overwritten, pretentious or self-indulgent. Drab prose is everywhere. Yet so many of the most esteemed writers – the ones we return to again and again – are of the baroque school.

The ghosts of Hemingway, Strunk & White, and McCarthy loom, though Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner, and others are just as, even if not more so, important.


We are announcing this morning an important development at Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Newsweek will transition to an all-digital format in early 2013. As part of this transition, the last print edition in the United States will be our Dec. 31 issue.

Another one bytes the dust.


 The School of Design in my own university plans to stud its stacks with “cold spots”: metal shields blocking cellphone reception and wireless signals from carrel-like cubbies where students can curl up with a book, or even with an already-downloaded e-book.

Any practice that overtly shuns modern life is not long for this world. Don’t think “despite,” think “with.”


[A] piece of creative writing, like a day-dream, is a continuation of, and a substitute for, what was once the play of childhood.

Love this. Who knew Freud could be so tender?

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