Critical Linking: October 18th, 2012

But when Monroe looked up the numbers, she was surprised to learn that from April 1919 through March 1920 she had printed 64 men and 41 women; in total pages, the ratio of work by men to that by women was “almost exactly two to one.” Men still dominated the pages of Poetry despite the fact that the editorial vision of the magazine, especially in the beginning, came from women.

I’m not sure which is more interesting—that in 1919 Poetry was staffed mostly by women or that those women published mostly men. Fascinating.


In book publishing — no less than in music, war, and sex — timing is everything. I have found five books that illustrate different facets of this fact.

You gotta be good. You gotta work hard. You gotta hope current events coincide with your book. 


The Humble Bundle team has offered a collection of digital books from writers like Cory DoctorowPaolo Bacigalupi, Lauren BeukesKelly Link and more, letting readers pay as much or as little as they want. As of this writing, they have already sold 63,441 copies of the bundle, with the average buyer paying $13.49 for the bundle. We discussed the bundle on the Morning Media Menu today, press play below to listen.

At first this seems like a success, but when you divide the total number of titles sold by the total income, it comes out to a few bucks each. Not a flop, but not a homerun either.


 A single-malt Scotch, straight up. Water of Life. Good for the vocal chords.

Margaret Atwood, badass.

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