Critical Linking: October 15, 2012

An app called Whims is trying something completely different, but extremely familiar. The social network iOS app lets you express yourself with words, colors and fonts only. There are no pictures. There are no videos — just you and your thoughts.

I bet this would be a fun tool to turn your favorite book quotations into images. Will be trying it out myself.


Yesterday morning I’m lying in bed and the phone rings. It’s way too early. I’m thinking — “Wow, bill collectors are calling earlier and earlier.” Except it wasn’t a bill collector. It was Alice Martell, my agent. She was calling to tell me that I’d been nominated for the National Book Award.

Gotta love stories like this.


It’s common knowledge that alcoholics make the best writers. Serving beer, liquor and wine would allow readers to experience firsthand the scourge of blithering inebriation and nominal self-worth that has produced most of the world’s literature.

You know, he’s kidding, but serving booze in libraries is a fine, fine idea.


You must, however, suppress that urge at all costs. No, really, I mean it: your customers and followers must never know how much you revile e-readers.

Here’s the thing: that something is bad for your business doesn’t it make it bad. In fact, it might, overall, be really good. Or might not. But, the point is, belly-aching about ebooks is now officially uncool. I have decreed it so.

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