The Week’s Most Popular Posts: October 6-12, 2012

2. Jaws. The book was about a killer fish. The movie was about a killer fish that infested your dreams and kept you out of the ocean for the entirety of your 20s, and also made listening to the cello a little…creepy.

-from 5 Movies That Are Better Than the Book by Amanda Nelson


While Facebook can seem like the home of all things Ultrasound Photos From High School People About Whom You Don’t Care Anymore, it actually does have an interesting bookish side.

-from 10 Bookish Facebook Feeds You Should Follow by Amanda Nelson


Jane Austen

This one requires the sewing skills. Get hold of this Simplicity pattern for a historical Regency gown. Sew it up in a light blue fabric to match this portrait. Put your hair up in a curly updo (or wear a bonnet), put on some white slippers, and carry a copy of Pride and Prejudice.

Bonus points: Accept marriage proposals at your Halloween party and then change your mind the next day.

Difficulty Rating: You need skillz. WITH A Z.(Hard)

-from 5 DIY Literary Halloween Costumes by Amanda Nelson


Vonnegut is challenged frequently. So it goes.

-from 7 Awesome Original Banned Books Trading Cards by Rebecca Joines Schinsky

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