Critical Linking: October 10th, 2012


“I decided I needed to find a way to try to get some more money for college.” At 17 years old Crowthers decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and open a bookstore.

Trying to find something snarky to say about this. Failing.


The most popular authors. Updated hourly.

Amazon’s new AuthorRank is about as useful as it sounds.


Even if they do break even or if somehow every single person who watched the premiere of Dunham’s show “Girls” buys the book — all 872,000 of you out there according to Nielsen — is this any way to run a publishing company? Put aside the cultural impact question for a second. The whole approach seems short-sighted at best.

No one ever went broke mocking publishing companies.


5:15-6:15 pm: Power and Sexuality in Comics. Cameron McKee (UC-Berkeley) argues that Tom of Finland’s subversion of heterosexual spaces in Kake constructs an iconic gay identity. Sam Cannon (UT-Austin) shows how the sequential artistry in Los Penitentes intersects with (homo) sexuality and political power. Evan Johnson (UT-Dallas) explores the sublimation of female power in the Marvel Universe. Moderator: Stanford Carpenter.

Only academia could make sex and comics sounds boring.

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