Critical Linking: October 9th, 2012


“The Hyper-hypo

Subtlety is not The Hyper-hypo’s strong suit. Instead, The Hyper-hypo must declare a verdict in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS, or compare a reading experience to a deadly virus.”

On the five types of Amazon critics.


 I’m especially interested in whether the widespread belief that YA novels featuring boys are a rarity is at the back of people’s minds when they select the very best in the field. Is a male protagonist perhaps something that counts in a book’s favour because of a perceived lack?

Gender bias….even in genre where it’s not “supposed” to be, it is.


Lena Dunham Signs Book Deal for More Than $3.5 Million

Now let’s all put on our publishing executive costumes and discuss.


The point is this: without involvement from publishers to accommodate this shared goal by changing how products are built and deployed, any “discoverability” tool will end up as they are now: bestsellers across the board while midlist titles, in many respects the foundational canon of actual discoverability, are nowhere to be found.

I’ve noticed this too. Recommendation “engines” only spit out the most obvious titles.

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