Six Stirring Works of Art Inspired by 20th-Century American Writers

The folks at Super Precious–an online art gallery that presents almost-monthly shows to display contemporary art inspired by a topic or theme–have combined two of our favorite things (books and art, natch) in their latest show, 20th Century American Authors. We’ve gathered a few of the highlights here–click over to Super Precious to see all 13 entries so far.


“Destruction of Words,” Artist: Vaughn Fender (@vaughnfender)


“Burn and Destroy,” Artist: Chris Piascik (@chrispiascik)


“A Perfect Day for Bananafish,” Artist: Josh LaFayette (@joshlafayette)


“Three Orderlies,” Artist: Emmanuel Tavares


“Dorris Lessing,” Artist: Dave Ortega


“Vonnegut,” Artist: Jon DeFreest (@jonnyetc)





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