Critical Linking: October 8th, 2012

“Publisher revenue from ebooks doubled last year.”

Just wait until the 50 Shades numbers hit the books in 2013. 


“We’re still angry that readers are honest about what they think about books? WHY?”

Fundamentally, I think the issue is that many authors don’t think readers have the right to judge their books. Let that sink in for a minute.


It’s not for nothing that The Hunger Games shares a common plot point withTwilight and Harry Potter: Each features main characters marrying their childhood sweethearts. If readers seek out in lowbrow fiction the fantasies missing in their quotidian lives, maybe this fondness for tidy love lives is simply indication of a surfeit of bodice ripping going on elsewhere.

Someday someone will write a smart piece about the sexual conservatism of popular YA. Someday.


Compared to other investments (housing, stocks, bonds) college *as a category* pays off the most in future returns.

College: you can’t afford not to go.

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