Get Your Craft On: 5 DIY Projects with Old Books

Yeah, I know, I know. How dare we use old books for crafts. But these are a great opportunity for the crafty among us to upcycle books that the library is pulling from circulation, old books that are so tattered as to be practically unreadable, and books that your friends and family were just going to throw away anyway. Give the unwanted books a second life! Click the images below to get to the instructions.

A wreath! Made out of books! You can make this with a foam circle from the dollar store and an old paperback. (image and tutorial from Living With Lindsay in a post hilariously called “Librarians, Please Avert Your Eyes”)


I LOVE this little bag, though I don’t love that Country Living made it out of Pride and Prejudice. But whatever. You can make this with abandoned old hardcovers from the thrift store, half yard of whatever fabric you have around, and a pair of handles from the craft store. (image and tutorial from Country Living– don’t hate)


Another craft you can do with abandoned hardbacks. Succulents are especially hard to kill, so this would be great for anyone without a green thumb. (image and tutorial from Apartment Therapy)


For those of you who rush out for a pumpkin spice latte the day after labor day. A book pumpkin! These are made with an old mass market paperback and a stick. (image and tutorial from Stumbling Tongues)


I love the idea of embroidering book pages- just frame them instead of sticking them on a tote bag or whatever you generally do with your embroidery. The image is from All Things Paper, but there isn’t really a tutorial. If you need help or have never embroidered before, check out this page from My Hands Made It. Just make up your own design.

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