Critical Linking: October 3, 2012


In the intro, Dunham is self-deprecating about the idea that she has any wisdom to share, but says that if the book can help anyone avoid some of the mistakes she’s made it will be worth it. 

Here’s a mistake she didn’t make: asking $1 million for the rights to this thing.


There are so many wonderful books out there that just don’t get known because they don’t get rolling down the hill. You can get started rolling down the hill with all this stuff, but in the end it’s not enough. It has to lead to, “My sister gave me this book, and my book club decided to read it.”

Sisters and book clubs, man. Sisters and book clubs.


If four new books are any indication, Mr. Zuckerberg is the decidedly nonmacho, non-pickup-driving embodiment of a new breed of American hunter.

Status: Out killing some stuff so I can eat it and write about killing it and then eating it.


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