Critical Linking: September 27, 2012


The greatest tool bloggers have at their disposal – to be exercised with caution – is space. Former fiction editor of the TLS, Lindsay Duguid, said that “in a short review, you can probably only get over three points”. A blog can explore a book at a length that all but the most prominent literary critics would envy.

Ok, I like the sentiment, but try again: the greatest tool bloggers have is freedom.


Blogger Ana Marie Cox, who signed in 2006 to author a “humorous examination of the next generation of political activists,” is being dunned for her $81,250 advance (and at least $50,000 in interest). Her Penguin contract totaled $325,000.

Wait, Penguin thought a “humorous examination of the next generation of political activists” was worth more than a quarter-million dollars? I’d try to get that money back too


“As a book caretaker, you become a full man.”

I want to be this dude when I grow up.

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