Critical Linking: September 26, 2012


“…as much as one would like to think that many bloggers opinions are as good as others. It just ain’t so. People will be encouraged to buy and read books that are no good, the good will be overwhelmed, and we’ll be worse off. There are some important issues here.”

I always like it when the dinosaurs argue back.


“I’m not necessarily complaining. I am undecided on this issue. But I will say, congratulations, movie makers and marketing departments. You’ve given me just enough to want more. Just like an addict-dealer relationship, I will be there December 14, having purchased my ticket The Hobbit weeks in advance.”

As for me, just the sentence “This is a movie version of THE HOBBIT” would do it. In fact, it would be great to walk into the theatre without any idea what it was going to be like.


The Yale Collection of American Literature at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library has acquired the papers of Pulitzer-prize winning author and essayist Marilynne Robinson. A description of the collection can be found online: Marilynne Robinson Papers, YCAL MSS 609.

Anybody know anything about the real-estate market in New Haven? Might be looking for a bungalow in the area.


Norway buys 1000 copies of every book a Norwegian author publishes. It provides a $19,000 annual subsidy to every author who is a member of the Authors’ Union. The Association of Bookstores is allowed to have a monopoly on the sale of books—but is prohibited by law from engaging in price competition. It requires, by law, that bookstores keep books in stock for two years regardless of sales.

What’s that cliche about socialism? “Cradle to shelf?”

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